My Dirty Hobby - Daynia gets used as a fuck doll - doll domination


doll domination - My Dirty Hobby - Daynia gets used as a fuck doll

On Doll Domination's cover, each Pussycat straddles her own motorcycle bedecked with the initial of her first name, while on the album each gets to sing lead on at least one track and on the double-disc deluxe version -- which clocks in at over 85 minutes. Doll Domination was first released in Germany on September 19, In their native country, the album was released on September 23, Six months after the original, Interscope Records released Doll Domination in Australia on April 24, Doll Domination features ten songs including the remix of "Hush Hush; Hush Hush" and several newly .

Although saw the group’s disbandment shortly after the release of sophomore album Doll Domination, it appears the split wasn’t so much a “goodbye” as it was a “see you later.”. Every single thing about Doll Domination suggests that the powers that be at Interscope and the PCD organization decided that PCD was an insufficient launch pad for solo stardom, so they made the second album into a showcase for Nicole and the other four Dolls, none of whom you could possibly name or pick out in a Maxim lineup.

Doll Domination von den Pussycat Dolls steht dem alten Album "PCD" in nichts nach. Powersongs sind genauso vorhanden wie schmusige Balladen. Frauenpower wird ebenso thematisiert wie wunderschöne Liebeserklärungen. Einen Stern habe ich abgezogen, weil Nicole Scherzingers Stimme auf fast jedem Song zu drei Vierteln vertreten ist.