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Adult Merchant Account provides you with efficient payment gateway services to merchants over a wide geographical region. Some of the businesses that require merchant accounts are Travelling Merchandise, Tech Support, Adult Industry, Online . PurePay provides Adult Merchant Account for e-commerce merchants with the best terms on the market and we ensure you get a bank specializing and understanding high-risk industries like Adult Credit Card Processing.

The adult content industry is regarded as the highest of the high risk category. In obtaining adult merchant accounts, not only are merchants vetted for each of the characteristics of high risk businesses – payment processing history, chargeback rates, card-not-present payments, etc – but also concerns such as. No matter you’re a new business or the owner of top adult websites, you can get a secure and low-cost adult merchant account if you turn to EMB. As long as your chargeback rate is below 3%, rucks.xyz can help you get your business the proper credit card processing account.

PayKings can get you an adult merchant account for adult entertainment, adult novelties, adult toys, travel, and more. With industry experience, we have since established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting adult merchant accounts . A merchant services provider (MSP) is sometimes referred to as a merchant account provider or independent sales organization (ISO), and somewhat less commonly as a sub-ISO, sub-MSP, merchant level sales (MLS), value-added reseller (VAR), or simply a reseller. While there are some nuances to the meanings and usage of these terms, they all.

Some adult payment processors will set you up with an offshore merchant account. This is often a way to get around big banks’ refusal to underwrite adult businesses, but it has another hidden advantage as well. When using an offshore merchant account, your acceptable chargeback ratio increases from below 2% to %. By implementing a cash discount & surcharging program to your merchant account, you can save % on rates and fees. Cash discounts and surcharging merchant processing merchant accounts are very easy to set up with absolutely no extra or hidden costs.