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However, in Japan and many other Asian countries, eating competitions are a pretty big deal, and there are numerous pseudo-celebrities who are “food fighters”. But they only eat the food. They don’t throw it. チャームポイント (Charm point) A charm can mean an ornament on a necklace or bracelet, so it could be the point of one of. Masaru, possibly the greatest sexy commando to ever grace the earth, wears two shining circular disks upon his shoulders. these disks are lovingly referred to as his 'charm points'. When worn, Masaru's .

A charm point (Japanese: チャームポイント) is a coveted and well-tended accessory of a character (often a flaw) that makes them attractive or at least interesting to other characters, if only in their own head. This can be anything: a well-groomed mustache, a bizarre body part, a favorite. To follow news/updates/art or download a version of the game, until at crucial points of the story and/or relationship development because keeping her mysterious can be a huge charm point and can keep the interest going. I have a rough idea of the MC but I'd love to have 'elongated' conversations and interactions between the two before any.

Comprising Japanese pop, anime, otome games, and the world of popular voice actors into one package, “Utano☆Princesama Shining Live” is a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture while also maybe learning a bit of Japanese and enhancing your daily life with cute idol boys in your pocket. War Hero Based on Real Person Sword Combat Sengoku Period Otome Game Samurai Hero Female Protagonist Gacha Game ADV Microtransactions Time Travel Past Japan Sexual Innuendo Playboy Hero Mayadere Hero

Translation for 'charm point' in the free English-Japanese dictionary and many other Japanese translations.