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So yes, as others have said you can ride just about any pony you feel like! Oct 13,  · No you aren't too big at all. Our Very stocky Appy pony is and easily hauls lbs on all day trail rides, including racing about. Adults ride him all over and a pair of girls bigger than you.

Jan 02,  · There's plenty of medium-sized adults who ride larges. I do. I'm 5'6" and weigh more than you do, and I've got a hand Haflinger gelding that I trail ride. He's absolutely perfect. I've also learned, riding a large pony means you're a lot closer to the ground when the inevitable falls happen -- and it hurts a lot less. If you're talking about jumping, or difficult trails, or inexperienced riders, or less fit ponies, reduce the rider's weight by 10 or more percentage points for each factor. In short, adults, just don't ride a pony. K views View 4 Upvoters.

Aug 15,  · As an adult on ponies, I try to be very aware of fitness and saddle fit, but really that should be the same for any size horse. I also ride full sized and even quite large horses belonging to other people, but really prefer the little agile ones, even if I'm looking at a sizeable course of jumps. We mentioned that adults should never ride a mini horse. However, since miniature horses can safely carry up to 70 pounds, some smaller children (generally under the age of 8 or 9 years old) can safely hop on. Children should always be properly supervised and taught how to interact safely, though, especially with these smaller animals.

Apr 07,  · Can an adult ride a pony? I am 5'7, pounds, can I ride a pony? They seem so little, what if I crash them? If yes, where to put my legs, so they won't scramble the ground? Update: we have a pony in the park, for children to ride, and I was ashamed to ask, because I am tall and gawky, and that pony .