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Hit our Million Dollar Midway to play over of the biggest, newest, and exclusive arcade games, or find some of your old favorites. Plus, you can download our mobile charging station app & recharge on the go! Games In-Store Charger App. Fire Betty's Arcade Bar. 2 reviews #17 of 23 Fun & Games in Tallahassee. Learn More. Firefly Pottery. 2 reviews #18 of 23 Fun & Games in Tallahassee Games in Tallahassee "Skate World is a place where age doesn't matter and anyone can have fun, there's no drama between adults, and crow control is underway at any point in time on the rink.

Apr 10,  · A number of arcade collectors, recognizing the universal appeal of simple controls and pixelated graphics, have discovered these games make the perfect add-on for an adult . Located within a stylish New York bowling alley, this arcade features over 30 games that are fun for both kids and adults. From redemption games like Deal or No Deal and The Giant Crane to musical games such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, this arcade has it all.

Apr 19,  · Discover cool bars with arcades across America, including Barcade, Up-Down and more. Remember when playing a video game meant going to the mall and bringing a pocketful of quarters to an arcade? Despite the popularity of home gaming systems, bar arcades where adults can eat, drink and play are popping up in cities across the country. Here are some of the Lacey Muszynski.