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Guilds of WoW is a new website focusing solely on World of Warcraft® with better visuals and more customization options for guilds.; It's directly integrated to official® & World of Warcraft® APIs so we can synchronize your guild data from the beginning.; It's also integrated with WoW Progress, Warcraft Logs, Raider IO and Twitch.; You can see guild roster with . Oct 30,  · As an adult only guild we will provide themature players, within the community, an outlet free of sections of the website and ventrilo are an anything goesenvironment. With our guild name in mind, we will strive to provide afun and stress free place to come and commune with like minded adults. Toapply go to the Public Forum.

Oct 03,  · Our guild is looking to expand its membership. Ebonheart Pact, NA servers; NO KIDS; WORKING ADULTS. WE PLAY WEEKNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS AROUND 8PM EASTERN 5 - 7 NIGHTS PER WEEK. NO BULLSH!T. Just a good time with friends. We currently have 15 close knit members but our goal is to stay less than 30 active members so we can all . We are a new 21+ only woman-led, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and neurodiverse-friendly casual/social guild. Our goal is to foster a warm and encouraging environment in which you can pursue your ESO dreams whatever they may be! Everyone is welcome from Day 1 players to seasoned vets. As a purely social guild we have no requirements.

Dec 09,  · Join a new American only, adult only, guild “American Dream” is a brand new Skyblock guild for Americans and Adults only. It is a very relaxed guild. Don’t feel like you’ll be kicked for being inactive for a while. This is a guild where there are no priorities. I myself have kids and a busy irl life. Jan 14,  · I prefer adults only in my guild as I want to keep drama to a minimum and I'm also very selective when it comes to the adults. I don't want people who go around game griefing or stirring up trouble with other players and guilds Jade response explained very well methods to narrow it down and pretty well guarantee keeping your guild an adult guild.

Chronologically Gifted is a non-raiding social Alliance guild for older adults and seniors which is dedicated to fostering a friendly, positive environment; one free of elitism and negative criticism where our members can enjoy their gaming experience with their peers. Our growing community is kind, understanding and supportive. AdultsOnly website was created to stimulate communication between guildies. Our goal is to create the best guild by recruiting mature players who are willing to get involved in guild functions and be on their best behavior towards one another. We are becoming a dungeon raiding and heroic dungeoning guild.