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Welding: Students will be provided an introduction into the world of welding with an emphasis on wire feed welding and plasma cutting. This camp is all about learning a new skill safely, while at the same time having fun doing so. Description: Shielded metal arc welding, more commonly known as stick welding. Because of its versatility and simplicity this process is the most popular welding process. With this process you can weld for various applications such as maintenance, repairs, fabrication, and heavy steel structures, including new construction.

The Welding I course introduces the individual to theory and practical hands-on training. It covers the fundamentals of ARC, MIG and TIG welding. This program is ideal for people looking to learn the basics to complete Do-It-Yourself projects, acquire new career skills or just to refresh old ones. Adults have the opportunity to learn a new trade in our Welding classes. Stained Glass classes are a big hit! KU Summer Campers field trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Welding Boot Camp. Welding Programs. TIME FOR A CHANGE? WELDING Classes BEGIN SOON! Why should you consider Welding? Earn a welding certificate, learn different welding processes and prepare for an entry-level position;. Welcome to Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, the only life-changing welding workshop that equips you to weld your own metal projects. Learn to weld in just four hours; harnessing the raw power of fire, metal, and electricity. Master the basics, complete your own projects and bring your metal creation home.

Welding is an essential part of the structure of our world. From military bases, space centers, labs, hospitals, factories, and construction sites all around the world to the local welding/repair shop in your home town, welding is in high demand everywhere!