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In stepfamilies, sometimes it calls to light differing emotional connections and loyalty issues that can be used as a weapon to divide. We hear from stepparents who feel pushed out when their adult stepchild asks their parent to add their name to the checking account or life insurance; and from those who discover that their spouse has been loaning money to an adult child without their knowledge. Adult stepfamilies (those with adult stepchildren) have similar dynamics to stepfamilies with minor aged children, but they also have some unique dynamics and challenges. In her insightful book When Your Parent Remarries Late In Life, Terri P. Smith provides help and hope to later life, multi-generational stepfamilies. While the book is primarily written to the adult stepchild, it holds great .

If you are part of an adult stepfamily, perhaps you feel similarly. Stepfamilies provide a testing ground of your core values. The first few years tend to be the most trying. Whenever you confront a challenging situation, remember that you cannot control the behavior of your parent/stepparent or child/stepchild, but you can control your own. Adult Stepfamilies: Joys and Challenges with the Holidays. Blended family Christmases with adult children don't always go so well, especially in the early years. Adult children bring their own needs, wants, opinions, and agendas to the family and when those wants clash .