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2. “PGen2” - Is based on the original PGen program and generates punishments using fruit machine style reels. 3. “Offenders” - This is “punishment book” style application that stores offences and punishments in a database and can increase punishment strokes based on previous offences. Miss Kelley can provide ongoing discipline for those looking for more accountability, and can also provide one off experiences or releases. Miss Kelley is very strict, and she takes real life discipline very seriously. If you come to her for a proper punishment spanking, you .

Bare bottom hand spanking; OTK (over the knee spanking) Leather strapping. Leather and wood paddling. Caning. Hairbrush spanking. Belt spanking. Canadian prison strapping. Flogging. Corporal punishment. Judicial style punishment. Role plays. English style discipline. Mouth soaping. Corner time. Scolding. Lecturing. Age play. ABDL play. I know you tailor discipline to the disciplinee but can you describe a typical spanking? How many with your hand in the warm-up, how many with the brush, etc.? Just an estimate (if you don't mind). I really can't give you an estimate of how many swats I give with my hand or any implement. I.

A) Domestic Discipline is the practice between two consenting life partners - Domestic discipline is generally practiced among married couples. However, the term "life partners" is used in our definition because we feel domestic discipline can be practiced between any two partners who know they'll spend the rest of their lives together. Ambiance (1) Begin Spanking (40) Better Spanking (37) Birthday spanking (2) CDD (2) Dating for spankers (15) Domestic Discipline (3) Female Sub (9) Female To Male Spanking (8) Implements (18) I Want To Get Spanked (16) Male Dominant (6) Male Sub (4) Male To Female Spanking (24) Men Guide For Spanking (37) Photography (2) Sado-masochism (2) Self.

Spanking: Discipline or Foreplay? The differences between a sexual spanking and one for discipline are fairly obvious. In the first, the wife has erred or made a mistake. Ideally, her husband clarifies why she is being spanked and get her consent. Corner time before or after is a good idea for a number of reasons.