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adult spankers in vermont - ANTONELLA UPSKIRT SPANKER MARCH 2019

Anyone that needs or uses spanking as a therapeutic outlet has experienced that high like feeling and " I can do anything" emotional response. But what makes some people crave or requisite the affects of such a therapy. Figuring this out and accepting this about myself both started and fueled my spanking therapy expedition. (See “Spanks for the Memories,” for a primer on Vermont kink event the Spectacle of Sin.) Lucky for you, Flirticia agreed to be your guide through the sometimes-murky waters of extreme sex.

I am an elegant mature disciplinarian who specialises in spanking and associated role plays. I have 15 years of experience in corporal punishment and I continue to love it as much today as I did when I began all those years ago. I understand the mental high that goes along with the physical pain. It is a wonderful combination that can leave one. I offer my disciplinary services to naughty young men and women in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusettes, New York, Maine & Rhode Island. I have been involved in discipline most of my adult life and several years ago, about 6yrs to be exact, I opted to begin offering disciplinary services after several friends of mine in the lifestyle.

I am in my late 50s, and have been spanking people for well over twenty years. Whether you wish to play a procrastinating employee or receive discipline from a strict maternal figure, or just receive smacks, all spanking will be done in a safe and sane manner. Whether you never got the spanking you deserved, have a particular role you enjoy.