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adult magazines of the 50s - jerkoff instruktion for porno magazine

Aug 13,  · These men’s magazines of the 50s and 60s offered the perfect respite from life’s drudgery. Packed with heroic stories of war or more salacious articles like the “‘Private Love Club’ Girls of London.” Ads for well-paying jobs like meat cutting (“People Must Eat!”). These magazines went straight to the heart of what drives men to. A good portion of these mags bear a cover date of or ' I found all but a few sometime in the early '80's in one trip to a funky used book store, all in a big pile in a corner, looking like they might have come from one collection. If these magazines could talk, well - - Views: 14K.

The classic men's girlie and adventure magazines flourished during the 's and 60's, when popular titles sold by the millions to men all across America and - in the case of soldiers stationed overseas - around the world. Jan 15, - Explore Jon Burchard's board "Girly Mags - 50's & 60's", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about male magazine, old magazines, magazine cover pins.

Nov 10,  · How many adult magazines (AKA girlie mags, skin rags) were there in the s and s? I’ll wager most people today could name Playboy and that’s it. After all, these were “conservative” days before the counter-culture movement did away with those pesky mid-century taboos.