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Morocco has been an ethnic melting pot for centuries—here you’ll find Europeans, Berbers, Africans from the south, Middle Easterners, Americans and more. As the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, the locals have embraced many customs, dialects, traditions into . Boasting a gorgeous location just beyond the beach and a vast green golf course, Hotel Riu Tikida Beach has the privacy and scenery to ensure a relaxing stay.

One of the most important indicators of social status in Morocco is education. As a whole, the country has an adult literacy rate of 67%, with slightly more men than women being literate. The disparity is heightened in poorer rural areas. Here, three-quarters of women cannot read or write and less than 50% of first-graders complete primary school. Fez - It’s been noted by many commentators that Morocco, recently, has become an attraction for sexual and pleasure seeking tourists from all over the world by virtue of the new international.

Feb 16,  · As a teenager, I realised that my sex life was everybody’s business: society was entitled to control it. Virginity is an obsession in Morocco and throughout the Arab world. Mar 12,  · The medina squares in cities and towns come to live at around dusk. The setting being carnivals like with acrobats, live music, belly dancers and street entertainers with this low-key celebration going on until late night around 2 am. There's also a number of shows and concerts that go down across Morocco every night.

Oct 02,  · The women in Morocco work together with men in just about every job. I should also mention that not all women in Morocco are veiled. Morocco, like .