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The Academy for Lifelong Learning offers noncredit, stimulating adult education classes and experiences taught by highly qualified course leaders with knowledge and passion for their subjects. The life experiences of all members enhance the conversation. We offer courses that benefit all areas of life in a friendly environment. Our Adult Learning program is a unique offering designed to meet the needs of African Nova Scotian adult learners and adult learners from other marganilized or disadvantaged groupswho do not have a high school diploma. You can start the program at various points in the year.

Adult Education St. Johnsbury Academy is proud to offer a wide range of opportunities to community members looking to advance their work skills and engage in enriching lifelong learning. The Adult Learning Academy offers an outstanding range of adult learning courses across Enfield, Haringey, Waltham Forest, Hertfordshire, Cheshunt, Tottenham and across North and East London. We're committed to offering comprehensive, affordable access to the UK's most respected and recognised qualifications, including CACHE.

Online Adult Learning Academy. Free, online classes in language learning, test preparation and basic education. January 11 - March Email: [email protected]; Gain important skills for life, school and work through the Miami-Dade Public Library System’s free Adult Learning Academy. The Adult Learning Academy (ALA) is one of St. Louis Community College’s most innovative approaches to the redesign of developmental education.

Lafayette Adult Resource Academy – Adult Education in Lafayette, Indiana Due to Covid classes may or may not be in person. Contact the school at or your teacher directly before coming . Adult Learning Center You are just a phone call away from getting your high school diploma completed. This is not a GED. It is an accredited high school diploma.