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Kickball is back! Bring back memories from the playground with our Adult Kickball league! Kickball is perfect for the recreation player looking for some friendly competition and to make new lifelong friends. Teams consist of families, office mates, faith groups, and more! Each season offers 7 weeks of regular play and 1 week for championships. Join a league! We offers multiple adult athletic leagues of varying skill levels in a structured and fun setting at competitive prices. Current sports include men's and coed softball, men's flag football, men's 18+ and 40+ basketball, kickball, and indoor coed volleyball .

Adult kickball. 8 week seasons. 2 games per night. Who? Adults 21+ in age. Info? This is a fun, social, non punting league. The emphasis is on having a good time, meeting new people and getting some activity in the mix along with it. We’ve ran kickball leagues across Phoenix for 6 years with a simple philosophy of keeping things fun. Kickball is more than just a youth playground game, with numerous adult social leagues around the country. The fun and accessible nature of Kickball makes it a great sport for anyone, and a great way to relieve stress after a long work week.

These leagues are for beginners or players looking to have fun in a less competitive environment. No metal spikes are allowed in any social kickball league. See rules and regulations handbook for league specifics. Games will be played between 6 and 10 p.m. Maximum teams per league is 8 with minimum of 4 for league play with a total of 7 weeks. Location Status. If you are already part of a GO! Team this season, then you're in the right spot to check for local weather and park closures. Make sure you're logged in to see y.

Adult kickball leagues are popping up all over the country, and OSSO is the social sports organization bringing them to Oklahoma City. OSSO offers outdoor social leagues in the spring, summer and fall and an indoor league in the winter. There’s no reason you can’t get your kickball fix. The BIG red ball is making a comeback as the ultimate adult recreational sport! This twist on the grade school classic is a fun-for-everyone game that's the perfect excuse to just get out and have a good time. Kickball is played on a baseball diamond. Game play consists of 11 players on the field (a minimum of four females and a maximum of 7.