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About the Adult Education Program: We offer free classes in convenient locations and flexible schedules (morning, afternoon and evening) taught by highly qualified teachers. An adult-centered curriculum based on the Texas Adult Education . How to Start Teaching ESL or EFL.

The free English classes are rated for difficulty: High beginner/low intermediate lessons are level 1 and level 2 English classes. Intermediate English lessons are level 3 classes. Upper intermediate/advanced lessons . Due to COVID, all classes are going to be offered online. Students will need access to a smartphone or a computer, and the internet to attend. There is no tuition for most Adult Education ESL courses. Students spend approximately $45 per class .

We offer: seven levels of general ESL three levels of Workplace Communication + ESL Citizenship + ESL, and Special topics classes in Conversation, Grammar, and Reading. Registration is easy and classes are free! You can register from home, and all classes are online in the spring semester. Welcome to ESL at San Diego Continuing Education!