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Feb 16,  · There is very little difference between the characteristics needed by the adult basic education teacher and the effective teacher in any other setting. On the other hand, they must be present in the basic education setting, while teachers in other programs may not possess such characteristics and the programs still manage to survive. Apr 01,  · Students feel safe and supported. There is a learning environment in which individual needs and uniqueness are honored, where abilities and achievements are acknowledged and respected. Intellectual freedom is fostered, and experimentation and creativity are encouraged. Faculty treat adult students as peers respected as intelligent, experienced adults.

The characteristics of the effective adult education instructor are found to be mutual understanding between learner and instructor, capacity for organ- izing adult education programme, subject knowledge, good eloquence, honest and to have moral values and understanding of the learners. Effective teacher characteristics identified by adult learners in nursing. Eason FR, Corbett RW. What characteristics should adult education nursing faculty use to get and maintain the attention and interest of learners? There is a dearth of research or literature available to guide nursing faculty in "grabbing" the learner's interest or rucks.xyz by: 3.