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The woman is an impresario of the spanking world; she carefully screens every party guest (women are approved through e-mail while men must pass muster over the phone), arranges annual spanking. Spanking is so popular in Britain that it's practically a national hobby, with high-flying men dropping their trousers for a good thrashing up and down .

This is "The Infamous Spanking Scene" by Beth Schacter on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Spanking can be great fun to introduce into the bedroom. Through lots of communication, individual couples need to figure out all the details of the delivery themselves. Safety is .

Recently, a friend of mine, who shares my love for spanking, attended an official, invite-only spanking party in New York City. Her account of the evening is . Many couples looking to spice up their sex lives are turning to spanking in the bedroom, and as strange as that sounds, does it really have benefits? Sex the.

Once you get the hang of spanking, you can start to push your boundaries. Ask your partner to spank you whilst you are having sex and experiment with different positions. Buy a wooden paddle from a sex shop or get your partner to spank you with a brush or a whip. Once you’ve defined your boundaries, it’s easy to start incorporating spanking into your sex life, Caen says — you just have to start off slow. Light, playful spanks accompanied by .